Diagnostics and Auto Electrical Services

Cooper Automotive use state of the art equipment to test your vehicle and diagnose issues.

Maintain your vehicle regularly with your friendly local Cooper Automotive mechanic and our testing can pick up potential issues before they become costly. Our technicians are trained to pay attention to detail and to investigate when a fault is detected.

We want any issues or potential issues with your vehicle to be fixed quickly so that you are kept on the road in a safe reliable car. As your local mechanic Cooper Automotive will give you the honest truth about any issues detected when checking your car.

We are specialists who can do all manner of diagnostics and auto electrical services including:

  • Electrical repairs including alternators and starter motor replacement
  • Repairs on electrically operated and controlled system and devices such as wiring, batteries, controls, voltage regulator, generator, sound systems and windows.

Book online with your local Cooper Automotive Service Centre today for all your diagnostics and auto electrical services.

Providing a full service for any make or model.