Your brakes are crucial to safe driving and Cooper Automotive is here to ensure that your brakes are maintained and replaced when required.

Worn brakes or damaged brake components are extremely dangerous and it is vital that your brakes are regularly checked by a qualified mechanic. Make maintaining your car easy and hassle free by choosing your local Cooper Automotive mechanic to regularly check your brakes and give you honest advice.

Cooper Automotive ensures that any components are replaced with the same or higher quality parts and we always follow manufacturer specifications for your vehicle.

To keep your brakes in optimum condition Cooper Automotive can:

  • Replace brake pads
  • Machine or resurface brake discs/rotor and drum or replace these components
  • Flush and replace brake fluid and replace brake hoses and lines
  • Replace the complete brake system

If work is required on your brakes or you would simply like peace of mind and have them checked, book in with Cooper Automotive or contact us today for a quote!

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