Air Conditioning

Cooper Automotive are licensed air conditioning specialists who can repair and maintain your car’s air conditioning system to make sure it is functioning perfectly every time.

As your local mechanics, we want to make sure every part of your car is working efficiently and reliably and your air conditioning unit is no exception.  In fact, did you know that a reliable car air conditioning system should be serviced every two years to keep you cool in summer and de-fogged in winter? It is also essential to have your air conditioning system checked for leaks and serviced regularly, particularly if it is used consistently.

To service your vehicle’s air conditioning system your local Cooper Automotive mechanic will:

  • check system pressures
  • clean the condenser
  • re-gas where required
  • replace filters if needed

If your air conditioning is not coping or needs to be checked, book in with Cooper Automotive at one of our seven convenient locations!

(Refrigerant Trading Authorisation Number:  AU34062)

Providing a full service for any make or model.