The Cooper Automotive Origin Story

Watching the scurry of feet, the smell of fuel and the sounds of cars and the bonnets slamming shut after adding some oil or checking the water. Sitting behind the counter staring up at Dad serving, smiling, and caring for every customer getting refuelled. This was the introduction to cars and customer service for Mark Cooper, the founder of Cooper Automotive

Years later after Mark completed his apprenticeship at Motors (6 months early) and got hands on experience at a local Service Centre, the drive to provide a service above and beyond what he had seen and experienced himself was too great. And so, Mark opened his very first Service Centre in September 1995 behind BP Howrah trading as Mark Cooper Service Centre (later shortened to Mark Cooper’s) the Cooper Automotive brand was born in 2001 around 12 months after Mark purchased his second service centre located in Hobart.

Twenty-six years later with 6 Service Centres across Southern Tasmania and 1 in the North, Cooper Automotive has anchored itself as the leaders in the automotive industry and the most recognised and respected automotive brand in Tasmania. Cooper Automotive is not idling but continuing to move forward to build their network of Service Centres, provide stellar customer experience and opportunities for Tasmanians to have a long career in an ever-changing industry.


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